As high summer temperatures continue, residents who rent their homes and find themselves with underperforming or non-functioning cooling systems have rights when it comes to keeping cool.

Phoenix City Code Sec. 39-5 mandates cooling requirements for rental housing units: “Every rental housing unit where such systems are installed shall have cooling capable of safely cooling all habitable rooms, bathrooms and flushing toilet rooms to a temperature no greater than 86 degrees Fahrenheit, if cooled by evaporative cooling, or 82 degrees Fahrenheit, if cooled by air conditioning.” Also, “Required cooling shall be provided by permanently installed cooling facilities.” The city’s ordinance also states that heating, cooling and ventilation systems in any building are to be maintained hazard-free, operational and in a state of good repair.

If you have issues with a cooling system in your rental unit, contact the Human Services Landlord and Tenant Program for assistance at 602-262-7210 or



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