Cooling fall temperatures make for a perfect time for homeowners to clear clutter and make some money by having a yard sale. However, be warned: don’t leave those directional signs out after the sale is over, or you could be fined.

The city of Phoenix ordinance governing signs in the right-of-way includes severe penalties for anyone violating the ordinance, ranging from $250 to $2,500 for each violation. The purpose of the ordinance is to ensure Phoenix thoroughfares and neighborhoods remain safe and well maintained.

Examples of illegal signs in the right-of-way include: weight loss advertisements posted on utility poles; signs on the shoulder of the road promoting a business; A-frame signs placed on sidewalks; and garage sale signs on boxes placed on sidewalks or posted on utility poles, among others.

Illegal signs can become a hazard if they fall into the street. They can block the view of drivers and pedestrians and they can damage the structural integrity of utility poles. Signs also litter our neighborhoods and contribute to blight conditions.

Right-of-way areas include streets, curbs, medians, utility poles, unimproved shoulders of streets, etc. The sign ordinance allows police officers to cite individuals placing illegal signs and businesses or individuals who may benefit from the illegal signs, even if the business or individual did not post the sign.

For more information, visit To report a violation, call 602-534-4444, e-mail or use the smartphone app, “MyPhxAz.” For more information about political signs, call 602-495-0301.



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