For many of us, preparing for winter involves pulling out heavy coats from the closet and making sure our vehicle is ready for the colder weather. Whether you get frozen pipes or frozen plants, you need to be prepared.

Preparing for a possible physical or mental disability is the same. Many people don’t think of disability as something that could happen to them. Statistics show the chances of becoming disabled are greater than most realize. Fifty-six million Americans, or 1-in-5, live with a disability. Thirty-eight million Americans, or 1-in-10, live with a severe disability.

A sobering fact for 20 year olds is that more than a quarter of them will become disabled before reaching retirement age. Disability can happen to anyone. But who is prepared?

When disability does happen, Social Security can help people meet their basic needs. The disability programs provide financial and medical benefits for those who qualify to pay for doctors’ visits, medicines, and treatments. You can learn more about how you might be covered if you are disabled at

While extreme winter weather may not affect all of us, the risk of being disabled and needing help isn’t based on geography. Chances are you know someone who is disabled or perhaps you live with a disability. If you wish to help a friend or family member—or need to plan for disability yourself—visit the website.




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