Christal may be a little older than most dogs at the shelter, but she still enjoys long walks and playtime, and will impress you with the tricks she has already mastered (submitted photo).

Christal is a super friendly 9-year-old Labrador and Border Collie mix who is very smart, eager to please and always ready for a long walk or jog. Not only has she mastered several tricks and is housetrained but she also loves car rides, hiking adventures, and camping trips

Although she is ready to play at the drop of a hat, for the most part she’s a laidback companion who enjoys relaxation and lounging around on a cozy dog bed. After an evening walk, she’d be content to join you on the couch to watch your favorite TV series.

Bring the whole family (including your current canine) to meet Christal at the Arizona Humane Society located at 9226 N. 13th Ave. Her adoption fee is $200 and includes a microchip. For more information call 602-997-7585 and ask for animal number A562498.

Christal may have been adopted by the time you visit the shelter, but there are hundreds of other pets just like her who are in need of a home. See them all by visiting