“Sensational Babies: Tummy Time, Massage and Bonding,” with Sarah Schoenbaum, is a four-week class set for Saturdays, Jan. 13th & 21, and Feb. 4 & 11, at Kinesphere Center for Movement Education 711 E. Missouri Ave., Suite 180.

This class, which takes place 9:45-10:45 a.m., provides a space for parents and babies to slow down and be with each other. Part of the time will be instructional but the majority of the time will be experiential, empowering parents to trust their innate wisdom in nurturing their babies. Through the use of loving touch, tummy time and developmental movement, you will become attuned to how your baby takes in and integrates sensation into his/her worldview. You will learn to read cues from your baby as to what is a “just right” amount of stimulation.

Cost is $30 per class or $100 for all four. Call 602-532-3111 or e-mail info@kinesphere-studio.com for more information.