LeashTV, launched earlier this year by The Internet Television Factory, streams tail-wagging entertainment for your faithful pup on your computer 24/7/365, displaying all sizes and species of LeashTV dogs, and programming that informs what four-legged friends do for us and what dog owners can do for them in kind.

After a soft launch in September 2018, the network is ready to howl with its “Greatest Dog Videos in the World” contest, a chance for dog lovers around the globe to share that love and get their Spot a spot on LeashTV.

Videos being sought range from greatest athletics, greatest dog tricks, greatest costumes, and greatest behavior stories, to most commendable rescues, and most hilarious dog memes. Also contenders are worst dog videos—mutts making the biggest mess, hounds howling the most unlistenable howls, most awkward aqua dog swimmers and well, just plain stupid dog videos. If they’re funny and endearing, LeashTV wants them.

First prize is a year’s supply of dog food, second price is a year of concerts (one a month for a year) at Celebrity Theatre, and third prize is a LeashTV Canine Christmas Gift Box, stuffed with holiday swag for your tail-wagger.

Entries must be received by Nov. 7. Include your name, your dog’s name, e-mail and phone number, and e-mail them to woof@leashtv.com. The winners will be announced on Dec. 8.




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