Bayless Integrated Healthcare, a leader in combining physical, social, mental and emotional health services, now offers an Integrated Addiction Treatment Program at the Bella Vista clinic, 3620 N. 3rd St.

The treatment expansion further aligns with Bayless’ goal of consolidating a number of medical services into one location, facilitating a medical analysis that keeps a patient’s psychological and physical health in mind.

Bayless’ Integrated Addiction Treatment Program is built on the well-known Matrix Model, which combines individual and group therapy, some medication-assisted treatments, primary care services, and social health coordination. In addition to helping patients with substance abuse, Bayless care providers are trained to treat co-existing psychiatric and medical conditions, ensuring that the addiction and mental health issues are taken care of together and not separately.

“We understand that drug and alcohol abuse, as well as mental health disorders, usually coincide and if we continue to separate the mind and body when we’re treating patients, this opioid epidemic will continue to get worse,” said CEO Justin Bayless. “We feel that providing addiction treatment services is a natural progression of our service array and mission to further integrate every patient’s health care.”

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