While thousands of high school seniors recently celebrated their graduation, a select group of young men united to celebrate something else—a transformation of heart.

Members of the North Valley Chapter of Boys Team Charity, Class of 2018, completed their Senior Project at Tiger Mountain Foundation in south Phoenix (submitted photo).

The North Valley Chapter of Boys Team Charity strives to nurture boys to become men of character, from seventh grade through high school graduation. This transformation has been remarkably exemplified by the North Valley Class of 2018. Since they began their Boys Team Charity career in 2012, these young men from Brophy College Prep, Basis Scottsdale, Thunderbird High and Sunnyslope High, have completed over 2,500 philanthropic hours for the betterment of the community. As part of Boys Team Charity culmination, each graduating class is asked to complete a Senior Project. The Class of 2018 chose to assist the Tiger Mountain Foundation, located at 1837 E. Broadway Road.

Tiger Mountain Foundation is a nonprofit organization in South Phoenix that empowers individuals in the community to better themselves through agricultural projects. It was started by Darren Chapman in 2007. Chapman’s mission was to build community through creating a purposeful space for people to safely gather, while providing fresh produce to locals. Today, the foundation has grown to serve two separate community gardens where gardening sessions are held every Saturday. At these events, members from the community work alongside volunteers from organizations like Boys Team Charity.

When the Class of 2018 initially met with Chapman regarding a senior project, there were several identifiable needs, but none were more essential than a reconstruction of the stage, reparation of tables used for community meals, and the construction of a shade structure. The Class of 2018 completed the project in two phases. Quaid Veidmark and Jackson Weekly from Thunderbird High met with Chapman to narrow the focus of Phase 1, which included the reconstruction of the stage and reparations to several wooden tables. As a group effort, these tables were cleaned, repaired, and treated to reduce the effects of weathering in the future. SCC Global offered to provide the materials for the construction and teach the boys how to execute the plan.

Quinn Funke from Brophy College Prep met with Chapman and the owner of Total Shade LLC to design Phase 2 of the project. Total Shade LLC agreed to donate all of the materials for the structure as well as oversee the Class of 2018’s construction. Without their generous assistance, this part of the project would not have gone as smoothly.

While the senior project marks the completion of the Class of 2018, Boys Team Charity’s mission of engaging with communities in need through volunteering will continue to thrive in these young men for the rest of their lives.



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