Two Pups Wellness Fund is helping to get older dogs at the Maricopa County Care and Control (MCACC) shelters adopted.

“Grown Pups for Grown Ups” features dogs 5 years and older and addresses in advance the roadblocks and concerns that might keep people from adopting them.

Under the program, Two Pups Wellness Fund is covering the adoption fees as well as providing:

  • Money for wellness blood tests to rule out significant disease prior to adoption
  • Funding treatments for diseases that are discovered and treatable
  • Financial support of promotional events and materials to showcase older animals and increase the community’s awareness of these grown pups in need of homes

“People are sometimes hesitant to adopt an older dog because they’re afraid something may be medically wrong,” said Mary Martin, director of MCACC. “The reality is, these dogs can and do make great companions and still have a lot of life left in them.”

MCCAC houses the Grown Pups in refurbished rooms that make it easier for potential adopters to see and interact with these older dogs. “Grown Pups for Grown Ups” aims to show people that adopting an older dog might suit someone’s lifestyle better than a puppy that needs housetraining and lots of activity.

You can donate directly through the Two Pups Wellness fund at



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