A local insurance broker is urging other businesses to carefully evaluate governmental requirements and safety before reopening their physical doors during this Coronavirus pandemic.

AssuredPartners, located at 7500 N. Dreamy Draw Drive, has allowed its employees to work from home since mid-March. Some of its workers choose to keep working in the office, which has been allowed as it was deemed an “essential business.”

When deciding whether it is okay to reopen, businesses should study guidance from state and local governments. The insurance broker also urges businesses to understand the health risks of resuming their physical operations. Some businesses might have a higher chance of exposing employees or customers to COVID-19.

Before deciding to reopen, AssuredPartners recommends businesses conduct a risk assessment to figure out what steps should be taken. Such an assessment should include hazards that are present in their buildings, including break rooms and other high-risk areas. Businesses should consider whether any tasks employees are performing will expose them to COVID-19 risks. Businesses can look at risk avoidance, including eliminating some hazards, activities and exposures from their operations. They also should consider ways to try to control risks and the possibility of risk transfer, when a business transfers its exposures to a third party. Risk management is a continuous, evolving process and businesses should monitor its effectiveness and reevaluate everything.

AssuredPartners recommends businesses set up a pandemic response team to ensure workers receive clear communication about safety measures. The team would suggest and monitor workplace protocols to try to control the spread of the virus. It also is important to understand signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and to tell employees who are experiencing them to stay home. Employees also should clean their hands frequently, with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water.

To learn more, visit assuredpartners.com/PhoenixAZ.




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