A 90-year-old North Central Phoenix woman is living her dream, providing a product she created that is used to cover and protect shoes when it rains or snows.

Nancy Pettibone founded DisposaBoots after spending her career in the corporate world, traveling for business as the owner of a company that supplied equipment and secretarial services for tenants. She often encountered rain or snow, which sparked the idea for her product.

Pettibone spent the first three years of her retirement working on her concept and creating the patent-pending DisposaBoots, which are made out of a clear, extra strong-puncture-resistant material that is held in place over a regular pair of shoes with an adhesive strip. They come in regular and large sizes and are targeted for women. The products are made in China.

Pettibone says that DisposaBoots comes in handy when unexpected or sudden weather hits.  The booties are are disposable, biodegradable, transparent, skid/puncture-resistant, and small enough to easily fit into purse or pocket, making it easy to be prepared for any inclement weather. The booties can be worn anywhere there is rain, sleet, hail, or snow.

You can purchase the DisposaBoots online.