The Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) and Girl Scouts of the USA (GUSA) are offering girls the chance to develop leadership skills from home through 24 new badges related to entrepreneurship; science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); automotive engineering and civics. Any girls, even if they are not in the Girl Scouts, can engage in the activities and review guides online.

For the Entrepreneurship badge, girls in grades kindergarten through 12 build their own business plans and contemplate production, cost, profit, marketing and competition. STEM Career Exploration, for students in grades two through eight, allow girls to explore how they can help change the career in STEM fields. There are videos featuring STEM subjects and many activities girls can do including building structures at home, creating a symmetrical mosaic design and coming up with their own recipes.

Girls in grades kindergarten through fifth must design their own vehicles and test prototypes to earn the Automotive Engineering badges. In order to earn Civics badges, girls in grades kindergarten through 12th research laws and how they are created, as well as study their own local government officials.

The Girl Scout program aims to develop strong, effective leaders. To find activities through “Girl Scouts at Home,” visit




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