If you must stay home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, there are still free, easy ways you can get some exercise.

Several websites offer free chair-based exercises ideal for anyone with physical limitations. One of them is SilverSneakers’ website, silversneakers. com/blog/4-chair-exercises, which offers videos of a woman performing resisted knee lifts, armchair pushups, heel taps and other chair exercises. SilverSneakers is a community fitness program designed specifically for senior citizens that promotes enhanced health engagement and accountability by offering members regular exercise. To learn more about its offerings, visit tools.silversneakers.com.

Vive Health offers tips and guidance on 18 chair exercises tailored to seniors at vivehealth.com/blogs/resources/chair-exercises-for-seniors. SOAR Life Products lists chair exercises geared towards seniors at blog.soarlifeproducts.com.