The number of intergenerational homes has been on the rise around the country but moving your aging parent in with you during the Coronavirus pandemic can present dangers.

The Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) and other organizations say it is important to talk to your loved one about the prospect of moving in with you if you are considering it.

If you work in the medical field or serve the public, moving a loved one into your home could be detrimental, said Rosa Harrison, strategic partnership manager for FSL. Even if you have no symptoms, you might be carrying the virus.

However, if your  parent is not safe to live at home alone because of memory loss and/or physical limitations, it is a good idea to move them in with you. Harrison recommends you restrict your activities to going to medical appointments and the pharmacy and buying groceries. Try to socially distance yourselves within your families as much as possible and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer after touching anything.

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