Get ready for “funkmaster” Morris Day to take the stage at Celebrity Theatre.

Morris Day & The Time is touring the country to perform its infectious music and inspire audience members to get up and move. Best known as the break-out star in the movie “Purple Rain,” which also starred the late Prince, Day is reuniting with the Time’s original bandmates to deliver favorites including “Jungle Love,” “Get it Up” and “The Bird.” Expect to hear new tracks including “My Ride” and “Two Drink Minimum” from this party band.

Born in Minneapolis, Minn., Day was inspired by photos of his grandfather in zoot suits to create his flamboyant look and he sang in Prince’s first band, Grand Central. The Time was created as an alter ego to Prince as a cool, street-wise funk band and shortly after that the band was cast in “Purple Rain.”

Day & The Time will perform at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 4 at the theater, which is at 440 N. 32nd St. For tickets and more information, visit



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