A North Central business aims to help ensure recess runs smoothly at schools by supporting teachers, principals and other employees.

Socially Acceptable sends “coaches” and equipment to campuses to guide students in games and other activities, as well as provide discipline to them. These employees have participated in skill set-based training over five days, where they practiced walking backwards to accompany children, as well as saying “down” when a pretend kid climbed over a simulated fence. They also learned internal and vocal skills needed to lead groups of children, including saying “no,” remaining aware of what is going on, using insight and using their voices to set consistent boundaries, said Brandon Mullan, the owner/operator of Socially Acceptable.

Anyone can take part in free workshops to learn these same recess management skills at 10 a.m. every Saturday at Socially Acceptable at 736 E. Flynn Lane. Mullan said he wants to further develop the training and provide it to future teachers and others. Socially Acceptable provides recess support for Madison Simis, Madison Rose Lane and Madison Camelview elementary schools, as of press time. Mullan, who previously provided volunteer workshops at a Boys & Girls Clubs location, took over Socially Acceptable in 2019 while the business has had a 13-year history in the Madison Elementary School District community.

To learn more, visit www.sociallyacceptablerecess.com.