If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 you might be anxious, but Banner Health offers tips on how to feel better while protecting your loved ones at home.

According to Banner Health, most people who contract the virus experience mild illness and can recover at home without obtaining medical care. It provides guidance on its website for those with the virus, including urging people to stay at home unless they are going to seek medical help. Banner Health said those with COVID-19 should rest and stay hydrated while they can take acetaminophen and other over-the-counter medications to feel better.

Banner Health recommends you monitor your symptoms carefully and if they get worse, call your doctor immediately. If you live with other people, stay in a specific room away from others and if possible, use a separate bathroom than the others at home. People with COVID-19 should wear a mask if they must be around others.

Those who have mild to moderate symptoms of the virus can receive monoclonal antibody treatment. With this process, monoclonal antibodies are infused into a vein. The antibodies provide protective proteins that aid the body in clearing the virus faster and decrease symptoms when administered shortly after diagnosis. Banner Health offers these treatments based on a referral that your doctor or urgent care physician provides.

To obtain a COVID-19 test,  visit a Banner Urgent Care or ask your primary doctor to request one. To find a Banner Urgent Care, visit bannerhealth.com/services/urgent-care.




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