If you fell off the wagon when it comes to keeping your New Year’s resolutions to improve your health, do not worry as there are lots of ways to get back on track.

Rachel Reddish, director of Education and Small Group Training for EōS Fitness, urges people to offer themselves grace. If you set goals but did not start trying to achieve them, it is okay and you can start anew each day. Reddish also urges people to set up a routine, putting time on their calendars to exercise so they stay consistent and focused.

She adds you should start with short workouts throughout the day and set small, attainable goals that will let you enjoy small victories and stay motivated for the next challenge. Track your progress so you can visualize your success. Taking a group fitness class will help you stay motivated and accountable.

A good way to get in shape without breaking the bank is through the city of Phoenix’s FitPHX classes, which are free-of-charge and offered online. There are classes in dance, yoga and other types of fitness. To register and learn more, visit phoenix.gov/parks/fitphx. If you want to join a gym, EōS Fitness provides a variety of classes at its locations around the Valley. To learn more, visit eosfitness.com.




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