A mural by local artist Eli Farias graces the exterior of the new Dynapure CBD/Little Shop of Hydros in Sunnyslope (photo courtesy of Dynapure CBD).

Dynapure CBD, which opened this month at 7th Street and Mountain View Road, will hold a grand opening event Sunday, April 10.

The online and brick and mortar company was founded by Jeremy Vasquez and Johnny Fanucchi based on their extensive background in cannabis/hemp, but they say they’ll be doing more than just selling CBD to their clients.

The interior of Dynapure CBD (submitted photo)

“We’re a different kind of CBD business as we’re offering free education to our clients in our in-store training room to show the community how much we care about their health and wellness,” said Vasquez, adding that CBD is a natural, plant derived compound that has helped millions of people around the world with their therapeutic and medical needs.

Vasquez has worked with proprietary and proven plant genetics for years to maximize specific benefits for his customers and has created his own proprietary strains of cannabis. The cannabis plant has been a big part of Vasquez’s life for 25 years and he is a knowledge leader in the cannabis and CBD industries. He was born and raised in Phoenix and has deep local business roots.

Fanucchi, who has been active in the community for more than a decade, became interested in CBD years back when a friend suggested that he use it to address some of his own issues including pain, tinnitus and insomnia. He tried several different brands and products and discovered that there are a lot of poor-quality products that provide minimal to no relief, sold by untrustworthy companies.

To address these issues, the pair joined together to establish Dynapure, and develop a custom line of the highest quality certified CBD products.

The interior of Little Shop of Hydros (submitted photo)

Also owned by Vasquez and Fanucchi, and next door to the CBD business, is Little Shop of Hydros. The shop is a premium indoor/outdoor gardening (and hydroponics/aquaponics) equipment store focused on the community with an indoor educational facility that provides gardening, longevity and wellness education, including junior gardening and art classes for younger residents.  Store hours are Monday–Saturday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  For additional information, visit www.littleshopofhydros.com.

The community is invited to attend the free, April 10 grand opening event, which runs from 11a.m. to 3 p.m. Activities for the whole family include healthy food and refreshments, music from a local DJ, DJ Dimensions, chalk art for the kids with a local artist Eli Farias, who created the spectacular mural that graces the exterior wall of the business, face painting for the kids by another local artist, Marisol Oliva, an Easter egg hunt for the kids, games, prizes and giveaways, vendors from the community, and samples of Dynapure products.

Dynapure CBD is located at 9812 N. 7th St., Ste 8, in Phoenix. For additional information, call 602-887-9330 or visit www.dynapurecbd.com.