The Japanese Friendship Garden will host Tea Tours, Tuesdays in June (submitted photo).

Japanese tea is seen as an inseparable part of Japanese culture, with production and practices that started centuries ago. Over time, changes in tea traditions and practices have led to the creation of various schools of tea, cafes and casual enjoyment. Having tea allows guests to take a break from the outside world and focus on the simple, transitory moment of serving and drinking tea, which is why the Japanese Friendship Garden launched its newest offering: Tea Tours.

Guests can enjoy an exclusive docent-led tea tour where they can learn the basics of Chanoyu and Japanese casual tea. The program begins with a tour of the Tea House, “Musoan,” where guests can admire Japanese seasonal art displays, learn about the history of the Tea House, and gain an introduction to modern Japanese tea culture.

Afterwards, indulge in a Japanese casual tea tasting service in the Tea House, and enjoy Sen-cha, Genmai-Cha, Hoji-Cha, and a Japanese sweet on authentic Japanese dishware. The entire tour will last for 60 minutes, giving participants ample time to soak in the experience and ask questions. The final 15 minutes will allow guests to explore the Roji on a docent led tour, where they will get to learn about the design of the garden and its purpose in Japanese Tea culture and history.

The tours will be held every Tuesday this month from 11 a.m. to noon (check-in is 10:45 a.m.). The cost is $40 for members; $45 for general admission, and garden admission is included. The tours will not be held July through September.

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