Dyslexia Road launched in Phoenix March 2 with a community gathering of more than 50 parents, educators and experts (submitted photo).

Dyslexia Road, a new Phoenix nonprofit that launched in March, supports families with children experiencing dyslexia. The organization is founded by Christine Alm, Christi Brink, Maggie Freeman and Colleen Luke, a group of mothers whose children are navigating a dyslexia diagnosis. They are guided by an advisory board composed of Courtney Levinus, Kate Moore, Jami Reagan and Whitney Stein, experts in their respective fields.

Dyslexia Road is dedicated to bringing community resources and knowledge to families as they experience the journey from initial dyslexia symptoms to confirmed diagnoses and treatment plans. The organization will create a network of Arizona-based families and dyslexia specialists to provide a supportive, convenient and comprehensive space to learn more about dyslexia and help provide an educational path for students.

For more information, visit www.dyslexiaroad.org.


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