Redistricting process is underway

The current Council Districts are shown with population data (courtesy of City of Phoenix)

Every 10 years, the City of Phoenix is required by law to review and adjust its Council District boundaries to equalize population based on the most recent Census data.

The 2020 Census data shows that the population of the city has grown from 1,445,632 to 1,608,139. Making the new ideal equal population target for each Council District: 201,017. To meet this ideal population, Council Districts 1, 3, 4 and 6 need to increase in population while Council Districts 2, 5, 7, and 8 need to decrease in population. To achieve the ideal equal population target, the City will use the redistricting process to redraw the Council District boundaries in accordance with the redistricting requirements and guidelines.

Residents can attend an upcoming Redistricting Community Meeting to learn about the redistricting process and how they can participate. The District 3 community meeting will be held Tuesday, June 20, at 8:30 a.m., at the North Mountain Visitor’s Center, 12950 N. 7th St., Phoenix, 85022. Subsequent meetings will be held through June 27.

For more information and for all meetings citywide, visit

Phoenix Police Use of Force Policy changes

The Phoenix Police Department will take public input on proposed draft revisions to its Use of Force policy.

A community meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 12, at 6 p.m. at the Deer Valley Community Center, 2001 W. Wahalla Ln., Phoenix 85027. Residents who would like to submit a comment may visit, then:

  • Click on the “Policies Under Review” folder
  • Click on Operations Order 1.501 Force Response Options; Operations Order 1.5.02 Reporting & Administrative Review; and Operations Order 1.8 Duty to Intervene
  • Scroll to the end of the document and click on the button to submit feedback

With prior feedback from the community and Police employees, Operations Order 1.5 Use of Force Core Policy Draft now incorporates 44 changes. The comment period will be open June 5–23.


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