Madison No. 1 welcomes students back from summer break Aug. 8 (photo courtesy of Madison Elementary School District).

Schools across the Valley are preparing to welcome students for the new school year. Creating a solid foundation of routines and having good lines of communication with your child’s teacher and school can help students start the new year right.

Students in the Madison Elementary School District in north central Phoenix will return to classes on Aug. 8. Long-time educator Laura Webb, the district’s new director for Curriculum & Instruction and who previously served as principal for Madison Simis and assistant principal for Madison Rose Lane, offers back-to-school tips for families.

“As students prepare to return from summer break, it is important to establish and practice routines for the school year. These could include bedtime and morning routines, planning for breakfast and lunch, making sure backpacks are ready and planning clothes and shoes for the next day,” she said. “Good routines help ease the morning rush and help students arrive at school on time and ready to learn.”

“It is also important for families to establish a dedicated homework routine and space for their children that is quiet and free from distractions. Additionally, families should talk with their children about how they feel about the start of the new school year. Are they excited or nervous? These conversations can help students feel more comfortable as the new year begins.”

As a former school leader, she added, “It is also important to build a strong partnership with your child’s teacher and the school. Make sure you have completed the necessary registration forms and reviewed and updated your emergency contact information. Be on the lookout for emails from your child’s teacher, school or the school district. Family involvement with their children’s education is incredibly important. Be sure to review the school calendar and plan to attend family events such as Back-to-School or Meet the Teacher opportunities.”

Finally, Webb says that if parents ever have concerns about their child’s academic performance or behavior or if there are circumstances outside of school that could affect the child during school, having good lines of communication with their teacher and school can help staff address concerns and provide support to ensure students have a positive and productive educational experience.


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