Kitchen Tune-Up, Central Valley, and its sister franchises in Maricopa County created a new studio kitchen set for Arizona’s Family 3TV and CBS5 (photo courtesy of Kitchen Tune-Up).

When Arizona’s Family 3TV and CBS 5 needed to revamp its studio kitchen set recently, it turned to Kitchen Tune-Up of Phoenix, Central Valley. The local news outlet needed a set that not only looked great on camera but also functioned seamlessly for their daily broadcasts. That’s where Kitchen Tune-Up, in collaboration with its sister franchises in Maricopa County, stepped in to take on the challenge

Known for creating stunning yet practical kitchen spaces, the Kitchen Tune-Up team worked closely with Arizona’s Family in brainstorming ideas and selecting the perfect materials.  The updated kitchen design included new countertops and backsplash, the addition of a sink, expanded island cabinetry and modern kitchen cabinet accessories. Whether it’s cooking demonstrations, interviews, or interactive segments, this versatile space is now ready to shine on screen.

“This project presented unique challenges given the nature of remodeling under studio conditions, and we are thrilled with our team’s ability to overcome those challenges and deliver a superior end result,” said Eric Warbasse, co-owner of Kitchen Tune-Up of Phoenix, Central Valley, and a North Central resident for more than a decade.

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