North Central Phoenix resident Christine Muldoon has written and published a handbook focusing on face-to-face communication concepts and behaviors for kids of all ages.

For 40 years, Muldoon has taught and coached professionals in the art of persuasive communication. But she says that as social media became more popular, she also observed that kids were beginning to develop deficiencies in their face-to-face communication. In restaurants, airports and parks they were glued to their phones from the time they sat down until they left.  They even walked looking at their phone.

This inspired the handbook, “Let’s Talk, The A-Z Handbook for Kids…of all ages!” She uses each letter of the alphabet to easily explain and visually illustrate important communication behaviors or concepts, (eye contact, feelings, smile.) Two characters, best friends Terry and Ellie, discuss each concept or behavior (along with Lola the smiling dog.) At the end of each page is a “practice time.”  At the end of the entire handbook is an interactive communication quiz.

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