Fourteen Madison Highland Prep students received “Distinguished” scores on their engineering first semester final exam, which also helps them earn college credits (submitted photo).

Students from Madison Highland Prep are given an assessment after they complete an engineering course, known as the PLTW Final Exam. The assessment tests students on rigorous educational standards and is developed using a secure exam browser. Unlike other exams, the PLTW Final Exam primarily focuses on problem-solving and critical thinking in a real-world context. The assessment questions are designed to involve real-world situations that students would most likely encounter, therefore, delivering a more dynamic and technical assessment.

Students receive detailed score reports that include a scale score ranging from 100 to 600. The scale score report places the student in one of four categories: Novice, Practiced, Accomplished, or Distinguished. The report gives an indication of the level the student’s knowledge for that particular engineering course as well as provides individual evaluation scores on specific skill clusters. At Madison Highland Prep, a total of 14 students scored exceptionally high, thus granting them the most esteemed recognition of “Distinguished.”

Among the students who received this score, two were seniors, 11 were sophomores, and most remarkably, one was only a freshman. These scores are not only something for students and their parents to be proud of, but can be incredibly beneficial to a student’s future, the school said. In scoring in the “Distinguished” category, students have the opportunity to obtain college credit from more than 30 colleges, including Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Another advantage to scoring well is students can use their test scores to qualify for internships and apprenticeships. Including PLTW distinguishable scores can even help strengthen a student’s college application or resume.

The 14 students who received this remarkable score were from the engineering classes that took the PLTW Final Exam in December before students left for winter break. The PLTW exam is given a total of two times. The second exam will be given in May, before students are released for summer break.


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