Everyone’s a nerd for something and at Arizona PBS you’ll find them nerding out for just about everything. From exploring fractal geometry to the chemistry of crème brulée, Eight is the original sanctuary of desert dwellers and their obsessive, intelligent pursuits.

Now Eight, Arizona PBS is inviting members of the public to proclaim their unique brand of nerd-dom by designing the commemorative 2014 PBS Nerd Shirt, which is worn each year during the fall PBS Nerd Walk along the streets of downtown Tempe.

“Part of the fun of the PBS Nerd Walk year after year is getting a hold of the limited edition, commemorative T-shirt that represents the various elements of public media geekery,” says Bob Beard, Eight’s promotions and events coordinator and “Nerd-in-Chief.”

Put your art skills to good use and show how you nerd out with Arizona PBS.

Original artwork incorporating the iconic PBS Nerd logo will be accepted until July 15. Representatives from Eight, Arizona PBS, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and the national PBS office will select eight finalists whose art will be revealed to the public at an exhibition at Bookmans.

After announcing the finalists, fans will select their favorite design online. Eight will announce the winning design on Sept. 22. To enter the design contest, fill out the form online at www.azpbs.org/nerd/. A copy of the PBS nerd logo will be e-mailed to all entrants for use in their design.


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