“Kitten season” is just around the corner and that means animal shelters throughout the country are going to hit maximum capacity as litters of kittens enter shelters by the dozen each day.

To help reduce the number of homeless cats born this spring, Altered Tails is offering a special “Beat the Heat” promotion sponsored by PetSmart Charities. During the entire month of February, Altered Tails’ Barnhart Clinic, 950 W. Hatcher Road, will spay domesticated/owned female cats for a special rate of just $20, which includes vaccines.

“Female cats can have as many as three litters a year, and kittens can breed as young as 4 months old,” said Ellen Clark, Altered Tails executive director. “Most people don’t want to see their cat get pregnant over and over again, so hopefully our ‘Beat the Heat’ campaign will serve as a gentle reminder to cat owners to sterilize their cats before they go into heat this year.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 602-943-7729 and mention “Beat the Heat.” Subject to availability.



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