The Washington Elementary School District (WESD) Governing Board, at its regular May meeting, called for a special Maintenance and Operations Budget Override election in the fall.

An M&O override asks voters within the district to approve additional maintenance and operations funding for local schools, earmarked for specific educational purposes and generated through local property tax levies. The maximum amount for an M&O override is 15 percent of the district’s Revenue Control Limit—which is what WESD will ask its voting property owners to approve. The election will take place on Nov. 6.

The Maricopa County School Superintendent will prepare an informational pamphlet to be mailed to households containing one or more registered voter within the district. To submit an argument for or against the proposed budget override (not to exceed 200 words), you may do so by mail or hand delivery no later than 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10, to the Maricopa County School Superintendent’s office, 4041 N. Central Ave., Suite 1200, Phoenix, AZ, 85012.

The statement must be signed and include the name of the district, the author’s name, the name of any entity submitting an argument, address and telephone number. The entity and author’s name will be printed in the informational pamphlet. For more information, contact the WESD at 602-347-2600.



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