Whether you are looking for an experienced pet groomer, or prefer to cut, trim and bathe your pet yourself, Puff & Fluff Grooming has options for you.

Liz Illg, founder and owner of Puff & Fluff Grooming, shares the do’s and don’ts of pet grooming. “Taking care of a pet is a lot of work,” she points out.

“Throughout my years working in the pet care industry, I know just how many folks are unsure of how to properly groom their pets” (both cats and dogs).

Illg explains this includes brushing, trimming (including the nails), and also bathing. But being intimidated by the process is no excuse not to do it. “In fact, many owners don’t realize how much of a health hazard not grooming your pet can be,” Illg points out.

Brushing your pet promotes blood circulation, keeps your pet’s skin and coat shiny and healthy, and promotes healthy growth of fur and removing loose hair as well as ridding your pet of bacteria and built-up dirt and grime that can lead to a number of skin conditions.

Grooming your pet properly is a combination of using the right tools, understanding your pet’s temperament, and using calming techniques to soothe them.

Puff and Fluff sells a small selection of shampoos, brushes and combs. If you aren’t a DIY kind of person, Puff and Fluff offers a variety of grooming services. Puff and Fluff has locations at 5835 N. 16th St. and 4730 E. Indian School Road.  For more information, visit www.puffandfluffspa.com.




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