It’s common to feel some levels of anxiety or depression during the winter holiday season.

Lorrie Henderson, MBA, LCSW, president and CEO of Jewish Family & Children’s Service, recommends taking steps to feel better, including keeping active. Exercise is great for mental health, Henderson said.

To fight loneliness and isolation, Henderson suggests choosing a winter hobby or joining a group. Volunteering for a non-profit organization can be helpful.

Henderson also points out that there is no need to feel badly about not feeling jolly this time of year. Many people experience feelings of sadness and loss during the holidays. Seek support from a friend or visit with a therapist to talk about your feelings.

If you have lost a loved one, create new holiday traditions to keep their memory alive. Henderson said it’s good to ask for help and not to consume too much food or alcohol, as both can lead to further depression. Make sure to take time to laugh and relax with friends and family members and get enough sleep.



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