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Sales executive pivots during COVID-19 crisis

A customer-facing outside sales executive for Grand Canyon Title Agency is finding new inspiration and hope during the COVID-19 crisis.

Laura Valenzuela, a customer-facing outside sales executive at Grand Canyon Title Agency, moved her workspace outdoors and changed how she conducts business when the Coronavirus pandemic started (photo courtesy of Laura Valenzuela).

Laura Valenzuela decided after starting to work from home to move her workspace into her backyard. She said she decided to tap into her “innovation, creativity, gratitude and authentic passion” to set up her outdoor work area. She placed pillows, throw rugs, drink carts, serving trays and other items in her yard.

Besides changing her physical environment, Valenzuela also has adapted her methods of selling escrow/title services to real estate agents, developers, investors, lenders and other people through her work. Ordinarily she would spend much of her day engaged in face-to-face meetings, taking professional development training, going to industry events and touring properties.

Because the Coronavirus pandemic has forced many professionals to cancel in-person gatherings, Valenzuela has been relying on FaceTime, the WhatsApp messaging video app and Zoom to interact with clients for chats, collaboration, webinars and general communication. She has been creating video marketing ads and utilizing social media to share her experiences, providing her perspective. Valenzuela said she has been “embracing a return to the modest phone call” as a way to help bridge gaps and have a greater impact.

She said she has been trying to strengthen qualities she values in a good leader, including showing more empathy, listening more, talking less, being introspective and focusing on being grateful. To learn more about Grand Canyon Title Agency, visit



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