Spring brings flowers and warmer weather, along with plenty of unwelcome pests. But there are a couple of simple steps that can help  keep those pests at bay.

The experts at Bug & Weed Mart, which has several Valley locations including one at 5030 N. Central Ave., recommend a two-step pest barrier system. The first step is to apply insect granules in your yard in the grass and gravel, and activate them by watering them. This will stop pests before they get into the home. In the summer, monsoon storms are ideal for applying granules as the rain will do the work for you.

Next, use a simple pump sprayer to apply spray around your home. Bug & Weed Mart experts recommend spraying from the base of the home up to about 24 inches in height so a barrier is set up all around the home at ground level. Also apply the spray to each door frame and window, as well as the overhang of the roof.

Bug & Weed Mart provides professional products, equipment and instruction related to pests and weed control. To learn more, visit bugweedmart.com.