A virtual fundraiser for the non-profit organization Esperança will pay for expansion of health education and a new youth development program, among other services.

The organization raised more than $68,000 from its first online fundraiser, its Hope Breakfast, last month. More than 250 guests logged in from over 20 states to participate in the 35-minute event, to contribute nearly $68,500.

The money will be used to offer technological capacity in Phoenix and around the world in order to provide virtual training and coaching for every participant, allow Esperança to hire two more community health educators to support the expansion of health education and a new youth development program. Funds raised through the virtual breakfast also will be used to support more volunteer surgical teams for seven new missions every year. The two new community educators will work in the Valley and the health education will be expanded in Phoenix through the Future of Hope program. This new program will be designed for at-risk youths. Participants will learn about public health issues in their community and learn how to be role models and advocates.

Because Esperança could not receive a refund on catering for the breakfast, which was going to be in person before the COVID-19 crisis hit, the organization provided four to five days worth of groceries to senior citizens who live in HUD homes.

To learn more about Esperança, visit esperanca.org.



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