If you want to get in shape this New Year, you may want to get information about your DNA first.

A DNA test can help you and a personal trainer, if you decide to hire one, learn about your genetic profiles related to how your body responds to nutrition and fitness. Some people might struggle to achieve their fitness goals because of their genetics, according to International Sports Sciences Association (ISAA). The ISSA, which has its headquarters at 7227 N. 16th St. is kicking off a new certification called Genetics-Based Program Design. It is an opportunity for personal trainers to learn about this type of testing and once they receive the certification they can provide it to clients, probably by early this year.

There are also home DNA testing kits including 23andMe Ancestry Kit, Helix and Vitagene. ISSA will help trainers learn how to aid clients in discovering their three main genetic traits that influence their ability to lose weight: weight loss ability with exercise and diet; fat loss response to cardio workouts and body composition reaction to strength training. Then they can customize personal training programs for people.

DNA testing also may provide personalized information about your health, risk of disease and other traits, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. There are many places to obtain a DNA test in Arizona and to find one visit DNA Services of America at dnasoa.com/Arizona.

For more information on ISSA, visit issaonline.com.



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