A new children’s book tells the story of a gentle sheep and unruly goat that offer life lessons in relationships.

Phoebe Fox of North Central, a mother of three sons, recently released her book, “Starry’s New Friend,” through her Mamafox Books publishing company. Fox will launch and sign her book at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 13, at Wildlings Toy Boutique at 6031 N. 16th St. Nikki Brzescinski of Tucson created the vibrant watercolor illustrations aimed at catching children’s attention and revealing the beauty of Arizona.

This is the third book in Fox’s series about Starry the Sheep, who lives at a school in Phoenix. In the book, Starry is content in her pen next to an apple tree but then Luna arrives. Luna is boisterous, which delights schoolchildren but Starry is not a fan. Starry’s New Friend reminds readers that with friendship that new people we meet might not fit the mold we have in mind but might offer exactly what we need. It is recommended for those ages 2 to 8.

Fox teaches a Storytime and Crafts class at Madison Simis Elementary School and conducts virtual storytimes on YouTube. Purchase Starry’s New Friend at www.mamafoxbooks.com.