“Hummingbirds of Phoenix,” by local photographer David Pool will be on exhibit this month at Church of the Beatitudes (photo courtesy of the artist).

The Arts Council of Church of the Beatitudes will feature the work of local artists in two new art exhibits this month.

First up is an exhibit that explores the central theme of the cross as the principal symbol of the Christian religion. A combination of work by local artists Nicolette Nelson and John Guagliano, each cross is handmade using either wood and plants or metal from recycled materials and is emblematic of the Christian struggle to balance the traditional with the new.

The exhibit runs through Sunday, July 17. Viewing is open to all on Sunday mornings from 10:20 a.m.–noon, and by appointment.

Beginning July 22, and running through Sept. 19, the work of local photographer David Pool will be exhibited. The works explore the beauty and maneuverability of the inquisitive and very social hummingbird.

Testing his wife’s patience, Pool spent much of 2018–2020 photographing hummingbirds in his backyard in North Central Phoenix.

“I just wanted to see if I could photograph a hummingbird at all.” said Pool. “I thought it would be a good photo skills exercise. I had no idea that an obsession would develop and that the project would evolve into two books and an art show.”

The photos in “Hummingbirds of Phoenix” are mostly of Anna’s hummingbirds, which are common in the Phoenix area. Each of the framed pieces are touched to look like an oil painting. Using his home printer, David produced a set of 41 individual photographs in February of 2020. They are each the only one of its kind.

Both exhibits will be hosted in the foyer of its Worship Center at Church of the Beatitudes, 555 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix. To learn more, visit www.beatitudeschurch.org or call 602-264-1221.


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