Poetry, says author Alice Scott-Ferguson, “finds an echo in the heart that allows the reader to identify their own feelings of loss, longing, joy and sorrow; some deeper emotions they may not know how to express by themselves.”

Alice Scott-Ferguson

With her latest volume, “Unpaused Poems,” written in part during a pandemic and filled with all of those feelings, emotions and more, the 82-year-old North Central Phoenix author has once again found a way to tap into the therapeutic power of poetry.

Although she has published non-fiction books prior, the author has only been writing poetry for about six years, prompted by tragedy in her own life.

“The first spontaneous expression of poetry was following the sudden death of my father,” shared Scott-Ferguson. “It just came,” she continued, “I think it’s probably the only unedited thing I’ve ever written.”

The poem, “A Day Too Late,” was published in a local magazine of the Shetland Islands of Scotland, from which she came, and a new focus for her writing was born.

          But poetry, she says, has always been a part of her life—from her earliest school days to finding a small volume of classical poetry that she adored as a child. Both of her parents also were voracious readers and poetry held a particular interest for her father, who could recite incredibly long passages by heart. So, it was fitting, she says, that her first poem was written about him. She says that poetry also is a way to hold on to memories, and a source of strength and comfort that one can tap into when needed

“A short poem, or even a line from a poem, can be carried like a tune long after it is read.”

Scott-Ferguson says that a big part of being a poet is to be vulnerable, “People see through people who are just putting on. But when it comes from the heart, the heart echoes back.”

And for those who may be looking for an outlet for their own expressions, the author offers this advice: “WRITE!”

“Don’t try to be anyone else. Your voice is utterly unique in the entire world. Everyone has a story, but not everyone can articulate that story well. If you are a writer, the desire and ability will flow out of the gifting and the world will be glad!”

Scott-Ferguson currently is working on her memoir. Her work can be found at www.cladach.com or www.amazon.com.


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