After approval on June 7 by the Phoenix mayor and council, the city is moving forward with a proposed General Obligation (GO) Bond Program of $500 million. GO Bond programs help to fund critical infrastructure and rehabilitation needs of City facilities such as parks, libraries, fire and police stations, affordable housing, streets and storm drains.

GO Bond Programs require city council and voter approval, and public input is a vital part of the process.

In addition to an executive committee, there are eight subcommittees: Arts & Culture, Economic Development and Education, Environment & Sustainability, Housing, Human Services & Homelessness, Neighborhoods & City Services, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, and Streets & Storm Drainage.

During subcommittee meetings, City departments will propose projects and residents can make their voices heard. The executive committee will then make recommendations to be considered by council. Voters will ultimately choose whether or not to adopt the GO Bond Program, in November 2023.

Committee meetings kicked off in August and will continue through December 2022, all of which are open to the public for comment. Residents can also share their input on the GO Bond Program via the GOPHX Tool. Visit the GOPHX Tool page to learn more and try your hand at building the GO Bond Program with projects identified by the City’s Capital Needs Study.

Subcommittee meetings this week and beyond include Parks & Recreation, Aug. 29; Housing, Human Services & Homelessness, Sept. 9; Streets & Storm Drainage, Sept. 9; Environment & Sustainability, Sept. 12; Economic Development & Education, Sept. 12; arts & Culture, Sept. 16; Neighborhoods & City Services, Sept. 16; Public Safety, Sept. 19.

For more information, visit or call 602-262-3111.


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