North Central artist Melinda Wing will highlight shibori, an ancient technique of fabric decoration, at an exhibit running through July 9.

Church of the Beatitudes is hosting a special exhibit of work by North Central artist Melinda Wing, who will highlight shibori, an ancient technique of fabric decoration. The exhibit, which opened May 10, will run through July 9.

In Japan, the earliest surviving examples of cloth dyed with a shibori technique date from the 8th century and were among goods donated by the Emperor Shōmu to the Tōdai-ji inNara.

“Learning the technique of shibori has been a fascinating journey,” Wing said. “How to fold and stitch the fabric, what each technique means and learning about Indigo dye. Seeing the results after dyeing are always rewarding and surprising. The dyed fabric with its many different patterns is exciting and challenging to piece together to create overall movement and expression.”

Residents can view Wing’s work in person Sunday mornings between 10 a.m. and noon or by appointment. The work will be shown in the Narthex at Church of Beatitudes, located at 555 W. Glendale Ave. For additional information, call 602-264-1221 or visit


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