Celeste Soong-Tang

Since 2015, Celeste Soong-Tang has been helping Valley residents digitize, organize and preserve their cherished memories. But the journey began in 1998, when she started a business helping people preserve their printed photos and stories.

“Then digital cameras came around in the 1990s,” Soong-Tang recalled “and I, like many others, took even more photos than before in hopes of capturing the best snapshot. But the problem became an overabundance of photos stored on camera memory cards, computers, flash drives, cell phones, and external hard drives that can get lost, broken, corrupted, or crash, resulting in lost photos.”

That was when she started looking for a better solution to store photos and videos. She found a trusted company that would guarantee security, permanence and privacy and a great organization feature, and in 2015 her scrapbooking business transformed into a digital photo, video, and memory keeping business.

“I have met people with precious family photos dating back decades and even as far back as 1870 and prior. Some photos are so faded that you can no longer recognize the faces, while others are ripped, torn, or deteriorated,” the entrepreneur said. “They are typically in boxes or bins, hidden in closets, or worse, attics or garages. They treasure these images from the past, but it is an overwhelming project, and they don’t [know] what to do or how to begin. That’s where I come in. I help people by determining what their goals are for preserving their photos, videos, and family stories and we come up with a plan that is manageable.”

Soong-Tang says that digitizing photographs is the best way to preserve them, and they are shared easily with loved ones — much more so than a physical photo or VHS tape. Her company, Digitize, is offering a limited-time coupon for 40 percent off of digitization orders, which will be available through the end of December. She will also offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss a digitization project.

For more information, call 602-799-9621 or visit www.foreverceleste.com.


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