Tuesday, Dec. 13, Phoenix City Council voted to approve the proposed $500 million 2023 GO Bond Program as presented by the GO Bond Executive Committee.

After three months of committee deliberation and public input, the GO Bond Executive Committee recommended several projects and programs for City Council consideration. A summary of allocations per subcommittee as well as a list of recommended projects/programs to be completed is available on the City’s website.

Phoenix City Council approved the following allocations per program area totaling $500 million: Arts & Culture, $50,385,000; Economic Development & Education, $38,000,000; Environment & Sustainability,  $26,000,000; Housing, Human Services & Homelessness,  $63,000,000; Neighborhoods & City Services, $44,615,000; Parks & Recreation, $64,000,000; Public Safety, $132,500,000; and Streets & Storm Drainage, $81,500,000.

City staff will begin the next steps to prepare election materials for City Council approval and then voters will decide the outcome during a November 2023 Special Bond Election.

In a released statement, Mayor Kate Gallego applauded the GO Bond committees for the months of effort that went into creating the final proposals.

“This was a complex project, and our committee members — who already lead busy lives — generously gave of their time and expertise to prioritize and craft these proposals that came to the council today. I am deeply grateful for their commitment to making the City of Phoenix a better place.”

Read more about the proposed projects at www.phoenix.gov/bond.


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