Provision Arcadia’s limited-time Spanish Sunset is available through the end of September, or until the seasonal ingredients are no longer available (photo by Joel Cronenberg).

As September rolls around, residents can enjoy the last days of the season with Provision Arcadia’s summer sipping beverages. Provision brought back three of its most popular sparkling drinks, containing exclusive and limited availability ingredients.

The Yuzu Espresso Tonic features yuzu, a citrus mostly grown in Japan and is a “first pressing” of 100 percent yuzu juice. The first pressing ensures the best quality juice from yuzu and captures its best acidity and fruit notes as well as its best aromatics and oils.

Black lemon bitter is the key ingredient in Provision Arcadia’s Black Lemon Tonic. A spice generally used in North Africa and parts of the Middle East; black lemons are actually super dehydrated limes that are ground into powder to form the black lemon spice. The tonic features sliced lime as an ode to the black lemon as well as cherry notes and a Luxardo cherry garnish.

Finally, Provision’s Spanish Sunset sparkling beverage is named for its use of saffron, considered the most expensive spice in the world. These strong flavors are highlighted in a drink that also features 100 percent concord grape juice, blood orange saffron, lemon juice, white tea and Mi Casa bitters.

These beverages launched on July 24 and will be available through September or until the ingredients are no longer available. Visit Provision Arcadia at 4501 E. 32nd St. For more information, call 602-626-3866 or visit


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