A collaboration between Duet: Partners In Health & Aging and the Arizona Caregiver Coalition is offering help to veterans and their caregivers.

Through the program, which is funded by the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services through the Arizona Veterans’ Donation Fund, Arizona veterans can get up to $1,200 in respite support per year for family caregivers of veterans and veterans who are family caregivers.

“We’re proud to support our veteran families,” said Justin McBride, program manager with Duet’s Meaning & Hope Institute. “With over 500,000 veterans in Arizona and the increased likelihood of veterans developing dementia or other cognitive impairments, there is a need to support these families. We know that caregiving can be incredibly challenging, physically and emotionally, and respite care can be a huge help to family caregivers so they can also take care of themselves.”

The respite vouchers can be used for adult day health, in-home respite, outside-of-the-home respite, educational respite, emergency respite, and caregiver training.  To be eligible for the program, the family caregiver should be caring for a veteran, or be a veteran themself, and be actively participating in a caregiver support group or educational program. The family caregiver is then able to select the respite worker or service of their choice, and then get reimbursed for the expense up to $1,200 per year.

For additional information and support, visit www.meaningandhope.org/respite or call 1-888-737-7494.