Founder Elizabeth Tomko, pictured, announced a second location for Artplay, which offers emotional support to children ages 4-16 (submitted photo).

After 13 years of business, Artplay founder Elizabeth Tomko announced that the company has opened a sister location in North Phoenix at 15601 N. 40th St. Suite 130. The original location on 1130 E. Missouri Ave., Suite 350, will continue to serve families.

Artplay sessions are designed to help children ages 4-16 years learn about their emotions by allowing them to explore freely through art and play. This process can empower kids to better articulate how they feel and to develop calming techniques used at home and at school.

Tomko says that staff members undergo training in the “Artplay Way,” which not only ensures they have a higher level of education in counseling, but it also emphasizes exceptional skills in helping kids in a direct, yet compassionate manner. Additionally, the company prioritizes transparency and collaboration by providing feedback after each session, offering valuable insights into each child’s progress. The owner personally handles all intake calls, ensuring a tailored match for a child with the most suitable helper.

For more information, call 602-329-1347 or visit


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