Auto expert Shahe Koulloukian, founder of Mazvo Car Care Center, launched his first book in November (submitted photo).

In late November, Shahe Koulloukian added “author” to his list of skills with the launch of his first book, “Car Confidential: Insider Secrets About Automobile Ownership, Car Maintenance and Road Safety.”

Koulloukian is a master automotive technician, television spokesman, educational speaker and founder of Mazvo Car Care Center, located in North Central Phoenix. His new book aims to provide useful advice for car owners from experienced car aficionados to first timers.

“I take so much pleasure in demystifying the auto industry. ‘Car Confidential’ provides readers with clear insights, an avenue for honesty and empowerment in an age where consumer rights can often take a back seat to corporate concerns. It offers clarity and strength to consumers in facing these obstacles head-on,” said Koulloukian, who was born in Beirut and came to Phoenix by way of France, Germany, Tel Aviv, Milan, Africa, Canada, Philadelphia and L.A. “With this book as your companion, you can transform yourself from a passive consumer into an informed vehicle owner.”

Featuring 22 chapters designed to help readers educate themselves about their responsibility as car owners and drivers as well as to empower them to feel confident when dealing with car issues or mechanics, “Car Confidential” is not intended to be read cover to cover. Instead, the author hopes that it will serve as a constant companion that readers can refer to as needed — when it comes to any car-related topic or any automotive situation.

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