Swiss Biologic Dentistry moved to its new location at 3611 N. 7th St. at the beginning of April (submitted photo).

Swiss Biologic Dentistry has moved, but the company says that its focus on holistic care remains.

The story behind the practice began in 2009 with the founding of the office by the now retired Dr. Butler. The company says that she started her practice as a traditional dentist, but she hit her stride by tapping into people’s desire for holistic and more personalized dentistry. In 2015, Dr. Amelia Ellingson joined the practice and in 2019, she purchased the practice and began making it hers, including a name change to Swiss Biologic Dentistry.

The company says that it is wholly dedicated to providing the best holistic dental care in an environment that is completely unique in the dental world.

The practice handles everything from fillings to ceramic implants, all “in the most biocompatible way possible.”

Previously located near 32nd Street and Indian School Road, the practice moved to its new location at 3611 N. 7th St. at the beginning of April. For additional information, call 602-956-4800 or visit


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