On May 15, after a presentation at the City Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure and Planning Subcommittee meeting, the city of Phoenix Public Works Department announced that it is changing the way bulk trash is collected beginning Sept. 30. The new program will offer residents the ability to schedule their own bulk trash collection using an online portal, rather than waiting for quarterly bulk trash pickup during the dates assigned to their area.

Under the current bulk trash program, Public Works lays out a collection schedule for the entire year for 13 different regions across the city, giving each region four designated collection periods annually.

With the new program, residents will schedule a pickup date online. The portal will offer available collection dates based on the customer’s address. Upon selecting a date, customers will get a text confirmation and can then begin to place their bulky items at the edge of their property no more than seven days ahead of their pickup appointment – a change from the previous nine-day window. Customers will be allowed up to 10 cubic yards of trash per collection (approximately 17 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft.) – a change from the prior 20 cubic yards allowed.

What else is different? The new program will do away with bulk trash collection in alleys, everything will now be picked up curbside.

A spokesperson for the department said that, “In unique property situations where it’s not feasible to place piles at the front edge of the property, Public Works will educate customers on a case-by-case basis on where their pile should be placed.”

Residents should also be aware that, currently, placing trash in an alley outside of collection time is considered illegal dumping.

“Once bulk trash alley collection ends, any placement of trash piles in alleys will be considered illegal dumping and enforcement efforts can be made,” the spokesperson added. “Residents are always encouraged to call Crime Stop at 602-262-6151 if they see illegal dumping in the act. To report illegal dumping after the fact, they can contact Public Works at 602-262-6251 and we will begin a field investigation.”

Residents can begin scheduling bulk trash appointments online using myPHX311 Friday, Aug. 30, with the first available day of bulk trash by appointment Sept. 30. Residents can also call the Public Works Department at 602-262-6251 up to four weeks in advance to schedule an appointment. For additional information, visit www.phoenix.gov/publicworks/bulktrash.



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