Plenty of programs stress the importance of talking to teenagers about the dangers of drug misuse, but who’s talking to seniors?

With multiple doctors and specialists, a variety of dosage instructions, and an alternating schedule of refills, managing a medication regimen can be daunting for anyone—especially seniors.

Seniors often taking four or more prescription medications each day (not including over the counter meds and vitamins), making these conversations critical.

A new survey found that nearly one in five seniors have experienced difficulties, including keeping track of which medications they have taken and when. This type of medication management uncertainty can lead to devastating consequences—from an adverse drug interaction to the need to move to a nursing home.

To help families have this important conversation, the Phoenix Home Instead offices have launched a new public education program called Let’s Talk about Rx, which offers families free printouts and resources, tips, and insight into potential medication pitfalls facing seniors. Visit the website for more information.


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