Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona has received a donation of $250,000 from The Steele Foundation to help turn a building into a center for art and transformation.

The Steele Foundation donated the money to the Building Hope Capital Purchase and Renovation Campaign to help convert the building at 352 E. Camelback from a non-descript office building to the center. A new art room in the structure will be named after The Steele Foundation.

The new center will allow Free Arts to expand programs to serve thousands more children and families. It will establish and explore best practices for using the arts, as well as mentoring with children that have experienced trauma. The building will showcase artwork and stories that promote a deeper understanding of children who have gone through abuse or homelessness.

Free Arts expects more than 66,000 people will use the renovated building over a decade. The building also will allow for program, staff and volunteer growth. It will set up a hub where people and organizations that constitute the child well-being community may gather together for learning, to share knowledge and to create and delivery programs.

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